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Today ,my mother and I cleaned the house. I cleaned the windows hard because it is so dirty. Then I cleaded it again. After that, I cleaned the floor and swept it. I thought it is dirtier than windows. Then I cleaned the tables...

mature 意思是 成熟的 asia 意思是 亚洲 具体什么意思 结合句子 联系上下文 字面意思就是 成熟的亚洲


Kirkland牌针对50岁以上老人的多维维生素 Kirkland是牌子 Adult 50 mature 指的是50岁以上老人吃的 multivitamin 多维维生素

There is no doubt that campus love has some advantages.Facing a heavier stress than before as a undergraduate at present,some students need a way to reduce their pressure and need someone to listen to their feelings in deep hea...

动词: sell卖 buy买 beat击打 look看 dance跳舞 sing唱歌 speak说 ride骑 feed喂养 have有 ask问 answer回答 write写 walk走 run跑 read读 study学习 fly飞 watch观察;看 talk说 listen听 drink喝 sleep睡觉 eat吃 brush刷 swim游泳 play玩 wa...


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